Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can we please lay off............

............ the swearing? I do not need to hear 'f***' 3 times in every sentence you speak.  And I certainly do not need to hear it from children under school age.  Thank you.

And while we're at it, could we please ditch/rework the term 'yummy mummy'?  I was a first time mum (with another 3 in my care, so 4 kids) when the term was first coined, and I can safely say, it didn't help with my post-natal self-esteem.  I didn't have perfectly blowdried hair, or a wardrobe full of perfectly ironed pastel clothes, and I sure as Hell didn't have time to take my perfect hair, clothes and flawless makeup out to lunch with my fellow yummy mummies.

These days, I find it offensive.  The media outlets flout the term with abandon, pointing to perfectly coiffed celebs as the ideal 'yummy mummy'.  Never mind that many have enough money to keep most families for several years in comfortable style, and can therefore afford in-home help, and the best clothing and makeup money can buy.  A celebrity mother who isn't perfectly polished, and looks like any average harried mother, is lambasted for letting herself go.

 These 'mummy wars' are carried out in blogs, print media, and on TV.  They have to stop.  We are all of equal value as parents, regardless of whether we wear Kmart, County Road, or the Kaiser to do our grocery shopping.  We all have different experiences of childbirth and child-raising. Sharing these experiences in an open, honest and above all, supportive way will surely help the next generation of mummies, yummy or not, to traverse the wilderness that is motherhood.

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