Thursday, December 2, 2010

A review of the year

Well, this was meant to be the Year of Self, and to a degree (a very small one), it was.  I went to Uni, passed all my units, cleared some of the emotional detritus (and stirred up more) and got my health back on track. I also cleaned out my wardrobe, thanks to a massive weight loss.

So, why not highly successful?  Mainly because everyone else's crap kept popping up in my face (not their fault) and requiring attention, or time, or both.  Which is a fact of life, as we all know, but this year highlighted how bad it has gotten around here.

So, the goal for 2011, besides getting The Mister's health back in line, and keeping mine there, is to clear the remaining crap out of our path (court January 12 for the dickhead who assualted, stalked and threatened us), get maintenance appointments set up and kept (BIG fail on that one), and get at least a vague idea of where the Hell to next.

Oh, and a holiday or 2 as well..............

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