Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day 2011

Or, as certain amongst the community would have it, Invasion Day.

To them I say this "Wake up! If the 'invaders' hadn't arrived, you wouldn't be protesting, because you wouldn't exist."

Atrocities happen every day, in every part of the world.  We simply don't hear about them - or if we do, it's a whisper rather than a scream.  Or a scream cut short, followed by deafening silence. A year on from the killer 'quake, Haitians are still living in abject poverty.  There are people in our own country with life expectancies under 40, many of whom will suffer greatly before dying.

Half the country is under water, and yet, the focus remains on 1 small sector of the affected area. Those who make the most noise, receive the most attention.

I am not saying don't protest - by all means, holler as loudly as you can.  But make it a noise for the future.  The past is just that, past, we can't change it.  What we do today WILL affect the future.  Look beyond your immediate vicinity, to those other areas where your help and voice will be appreciated.

Above all, enjoy the day, remember those who died that we may continue to live in a free society, and have a beer for me.

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