Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am a scholar. Not.

I think I have mentioned here before that I am at university.  Studying to gain my Bachelor of Regional Resource Management, with Majors in Regional Science and Natural Resource Management, and a Minor in Understanding Communities.

I always wanted to go to Uni - it sounded cool - like a worthwhile achievement. And now I am there.  Doing ok. Except for the scholarly part.  There I fall over badly.

I don't use the appropriate language.  I don't understand half of the words I am meant to use, so I avoid them.  I grasp the concepts fine, but the big words and convoluted language throw me for a major loop.  I just cannot get my head around it.

Don't get me wrong, I can use 100 words to say what could be said in 20 just fine.  I do it all the time. But I can't use words I don't have any understanding of.  If I *think* I understand what they mean, I'll use them.  If I am wrong in my understanding, I learn something. But having NO GRASP at all on a word, I won't use it.

So, I use plain Australian English. Or my own version thereof. I lose some marks, but I can live with that.

I am very fortunate that the lecturers are aware of the fact that I struggle with the language.  They generally apply the theory that if we can grasp the concepts, and explain them somehow, they are doing their job.  Generally. The Faculty of Arts is not so easy to talk to (no matter what the issue is), but IMAS, IASOS, and IRD are great.

I will get there in the end.  I will continue to call a spade a spade, and explain things in a way that I understand. Because I am damn sure I am not the only one out there who struggles with academia and it's language.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Decorum. Please!

Is it just me, or are people becoming more - in-everyone's-face with their shows of affection?

You know what's really scary? I'm not talking about people I can see in the actual, real world! I'm talking about Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.  What the Hell is going on?!  There's enough mushy drivel on these sites to make Cupid puke - and that's saying something!

It's not just kids either, I have had to block a 44-year-old's posts from appearing on my FB wall, because it's all 'I can't wait to hold you in my arms again, I love you sooooo much. I can't believe I let you go...' Which is fine, in its place.  Just don't make me suffer through it with you, more than 10 times a day, every day. Thank you.

I am not totally anti 'I love you' posts on social media sites - I know a couple who 'met' online, then in real life, and who now are happily living together.*  They often post "I love you' or 'I miss you' to each other.  But that's it.  The personal stuff, they keep personal.  And so, those wee messages of love make me smile.  Because they are just that - wee messages.

I get the same lovely feeling when I see those posts as I do when I see the (local and lovely) old couple sharing a motorised wheelchair/scooter thingy when I am out walking.  They are together, and existing happily in each other's space, with no need to shove their togetherness, and need of or desire for each other, in everyone's faces. It is what it is, and they are happy with it.

So, for the - PDA-averse - amongst us, please dial it back a little.  Keep things hot and heavy by all means; just keep them private.  There's a lot to be said for keeping people guessing about what you are up to.

* I think this is one of those Meant To Be things. I hope so.  The modern world is lacking in Meant To Be..........

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Explaining myself............

Re-reading some of my more recent posts, I come across as whiny. Mainly about my clothes. So I thought I'd best clarify WHY I have nothing to wear, and why I'm just whinging, rather than doing something about it.

My husband and I are leaving this year, no later than December, earlier if we can, to travel the country for a minimum of 2 years, in a tent/campervan/something.

I have lost 10kg+ in the past 12 months (so 20+ pounds) and so have had to heave most of my clothes.  Which wouldn't be a problem, normally. I'd just go buy more. But, with the trip looming, and still losing weight, I have to stand back, and assess things.

How practical for travel will the item be? Is it something that will fit/look ok if I lose more weight?  Is it something I can lounge around a bush campsite, and walk city streets in? Does it pack down small?

So, that is the news, and the reason for my wardrobe woes.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


One day, I will do something like this - I think it's brilliant.

Several (mainly US) bloggers (Kendi and Indiana are two) are participating in this shop-your-wardrobe activity.  Basically, you pick 30 items you own (accessories are not counted in the 30, shoes are) and remix them into different outfits for 30 days.

I think this is a brilliant idea - because it not only means you have to actually look at what you own, it inspires you to step outside your everyday comfort zone.

If I had enough clothes, I'd do this for sure. As it is, I live in sweatpants (4), tshirts (6) and jumpers (3), because they are the only things I own that remotely fit (I have 1 button down shirt that kinda fits, no pants, 2 skirts and 2 dresses that fit if I put something underneath to prevent flashing), and because that's what almost everyone in this sinkhole wears, so I blend in. That, or ratty jeans, or (Heaven help me) styled separates - like you see in Myer catalogues on the over 60's).  Unless it's pub night - then it's short, low cut and tight.

So that's 19 items, and while I change it up as much as I can, it's not easy. One day, I will live somewhere I can do a 30x30, without fear of physical attack due to sticking out, and therefore being more visible to a specific nasty piece of work, and have enough clothes that fit to do it. One day.

It's summer, and I am wearing thermals

I kid you not.  'Official' summer ends in about a week and half, the last 2 days have been disgustingly humid, and today, I am in thermals.

When I go outside I will be wearing wet weathers, gumboots, a beanie, scar and gloves. If the wind drops off, I'll take an umbrella. If not, I will swear a LOT. And tell the dog that it's all his fault, and that he better appreciate me more from here on out.

Yep, I will put all that on to go out and feed the dog.  Because, while I can handle being cold,(with a lot of whinging) I hate, hate, hate, getting wet.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog/Style envy. And why I don't opp-shop much.

I am not by nature a jealous/envious person.  But there are blogs out there that see me turn a rather unbecoming shade of green.  Many are in my Essential Reading.

The ones that make me the most Shrek-like are the style blogs. Especially the ones with vintage/thrifted (or, for us Aussies, opp-shopped) clothes.

I agree with Andrea (ACoIC) that one of life's greatest joys is finding treasure buried in a pile of ick.  But my problem is that 90% of what I have access to here, while not necessarily 'Ick', is at the least - boring.  It has that air of sameness that drives me to despair.

I don't want to stand out (really, I don't, not here), but I also don't want to fade into the human background either.

I used to love opp-shopping when I was younger, before it became cool - we found some awesome treasures.  Today, it's a big yawn.  I drool over the blogs, and wish that we had somewhere I could buy cool stuff like that.  And then I remember that I don't have anywhere I could wear the cool stuff, so it's probably a good thing. Which turns me even greener.

Although, I am going to need some new gear for winter, as all my clothes are falling off me. Maybe it's time to get back in the ring, and have a go? Who knows, I might find some treasure!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's February - the children are back to school, the grown-ups will soon follow (well, I started 2 weeks ago, in Summer school), and some of the trees are already turning.

Where did January go? Did I blink and miss it? Or was I so badly distracted that I just lost track of time?

I suspect it was the latter - it has NOT been smooth sailing here, what with one thing and another.  Hopefully though, with a bit of luck, things will settle down.  And if they don't, well, only 10 months til we are LEAVING!!!

I can do 10 months here - surely? Without murdering/divorcing my husband? I can try..............

In all fairness, it isn't his fault, he has major health issues, needs at least 2 major surgeries, and to top it all off, like he needed MORE stress, the feral nutjob junkie is back and in fine form - his brother moved in over the road, so he has a 'reason' to be near us.  Of course, no normal person visits their sibling 20 different times a day, but he never claimed to be normal.........

In other news, my baby sister is engaged, my mum has made the final move (taking Mr15 with her) and my baby brother is moving back to this end of the island at the end of the month.

I see a psychologist on the 7th of next month - I have been receiving counseling, but the issues are deeper than they can treat. Fingers crossed I click with this woman - I want to get better so bad!

Will keep you posted, expect a rant or 3 over the next week, we are doing the AVO thing with the feral again - we were told that bail conditions protected us, only to learn yesterday, 7 months after our last AVO expired that there are no bail conditions!