Saturday, February 19, 2011


One day, I will do something like this - I think it's brilliant.

Several (mainly US) bloggers (Kendi and Indiana are two) are participating in this shop-your-wardrobe activity.  Basically, you pick 30 items you own (accessories are not counted in the 30, shoes are) and remix them into different outfits for 30 days.

I think this is a brilliant idea - because it not only means you have to actually look at what you own, it inspires you to step outside your everyday comfort zone.

If I had enough clothes, I'd do this for sure. As it is, I live in sweatpants (4), tshirts (6) and jumpers (3), because they are the only things I own that remotely fit (I have 1 button down shirt that kinda fits, no pants, 2 skirts and 2 dresses that fit if I put something underneath to prevent flashing), and because that's what almost everyone in this sinkhole wears, so I blend in. That, or ratty jeans, or (Heaven help me) styled separates - like you see in Myer catalogues on the over 60's).  Unless it's pub night - then it's short, low cut and tight.

So that's 19 items, and while I change it up as much as I can, it's not easy. One day, I will live somewhere I can do a 30x30, without fear of physical attack due to sticking out, and therefore being more visible to a specific nasty piece of work, and have enough clothes that fit to do it. One day.

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