Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's February - the children are back to school, the grown-ups will soon follow (well, I started 2 weeks ago, in Summer school), and some of the trees are already turning.

Where did January go? Did I blink and miss it? Or was I so badly distracted that I just lost track of time?

I suspect it was the latter - it has NOT been smooth sailing here, what with one thing and another.  Hopefully though, with a bit of luck, things will settle down.  And if they don't, well, only 10 months til we are LEAVING!!!

I can do 10 months here - surely? Without murdering/divorcing my husband? I can try..............

In all fairness, it isn't his fault, he has major health issues, needs at least 2 major surgeries, and to top it all off, like he needed MORE stress, the feral nutjob junkie is back and in fine form - his brother moved in over the road, so he has a 'reason' to be near us.  Of course, no normal person visits their sibling 20 different times a day, but he never claimed to be normal.........

In other news, my baby sister is engaged, my mum has made the final move (taking Mr15 with her) and my baby brother is moving back to this end of the island at the end of the month.

I see a psychologist on the 7th of next month - I have been receiving counseling, but the issues are deeper than they can treat. Fingers crossed I click with this woman - I want to get better so bad!

Will keep you posted, expect a rant or 3 over the next week, we are doing the AVO thing with the feral again - we were told that bail conditions protected us, only to learn yesterday, 7 months after our last AVO expired that there are no bail conditions!

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  1. Yes and I feel like February is almost over too. Time is going by way too fast.