Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog/Style envy. And why I don't opp-shop much.

I am not by nature a jealous/envious person.  But there are blogs out there that see me turn a rather unbecoming shade of green.  Many are in my Essential Reading.

The ones that make me the most Shrek-like are the style blogs. Especially the ones with vintage/thrifted (or, for us Aussies, opp-shopped) clothes.

I agree with Andrea (ACoIC) that one of life's greatest joys is finding treasure buried in a pile of ick.  But my problem is that 90% of what I have access to here, while not necessarily 'Ick', is at the least - boring.  It has that air of sameness that drives me to despair.

I don't want to stand out (really, I don't, not here), but I also don't want to fade into the human background either.

I used to love opp-shopping when I was younger, before it became cool - we found some awesome treasures.  Today, it's a big yawn.  I drool over the blogs, and wish that we had somewhere I could buy cool stuff like that.  And then I remember that I don't have anywhere I could wear the cool stuff, so it's probably a good thing. Which turns me even greener.

Although, I am going to need some new gear for winter, as all my clothes are falling off me. Maybe it's time to get back in the ring, and have a go? Who knows, I might find some treasure!

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