Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's summer, and I am wearing thermals

I kid you not.  'Official' summer ends in about a week and half, the last 2 days have been disgustingly humid, and today, I am in thermals.

When I go outside I will be wearing wet weathers, gumboots, a beanie, scar and gloves. If the wind drops off, I'll take an umbrella. If not, I will swear a LOT. And tell the dog that it's all his fault, and that he better appreciate me more from here on out.

Yep, I will put all that on to go out and feed the dog.  Because, while I can handle being cold,(with a lot of whinging) I hate, hate, hate, getting wet.


  1. Get out!
    I'm sweltering in 30degree heat. Amazing.

  2. That was us on Thursday and Friday, 28 with 95%+ humidity. Stinking again yesterday, and then in the late afternoon, the black clouds rolled in. At 3 this morning, they started dumping rain, and haven't stopped yet.