Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arsehats vs Samaritans. Winner take all......

I am a cynic.  We all know this.  And yet, I fully believe that the Samaritans will win out in the end.  Even though they are outnumbered.  Because, no matter how messed up things get, there is that vital core of human beings who believe in doing what is right.

Case in point: yesterday, on a stretch of ocean highway, coming home from Uni - husband driving.  Round a long sweeping bend to see debris all over the road, and a damaged car rolling backwards, facing the wrong way. about 300m in front of us.  Not good.

We pulled up, as did the car behind us.  We got the driver, a 19 year old woman, out of the car (she was getting out herself, even before we got to her) and to the safety of the other side of the road.  Rang police and an ambulance.  Gave her my jacket, as she was shivering, and no-one else had anything.

As we stood waiting for the police/ambo to turn up, we watched traffic on the stretch of road leading to the accident site - they HAD to see the car parked on the shoulder, with it's hazards on (ours) as they came out of the corner; they HAD to see the debris all over the road (one lane was particularly bad), they HAD to see the second car on the shoulder near the accident site, as well as the damaged car, and 5 people standing on the side of the road.  And yet, they came flying up the blocked lane, to the point where there were 6 near-misses for crashes, and 1 did actually impact.

The drivers of the cars in question got out and started yelling at each other.  In the middle of the highway, with traffic and mess everywhere.  Then the Law arrived.  Which was a good thing in more ways than 1, not only was I terrified that someone was going to fly around the corner and kill us all, I was sick of the people who were going past yelling at us to clean up the road.

The debris was from a flat-tray that lost part of it's load - another driver saw it spewing stuff all over the highway, got the rego, and came back around onto our side of the carriageway to tell the police.

In this instance, there were more arsehats than Samaritans.  But, those who stopped, did so from genuine concern for another human being.  That's why I think the Samaritans will win. Because they are still out there, and the arsehats can't beat them all.

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