Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get a dictionary. Right now.

Seriously. Get. a. goddamn. dictionary. And use it. Because all the atrocious spelling I have seen today is giving me a headache.

We have 'shammee' on a carwash - because 'chamois' is too hard for people to work out what it means/how to say it. I asked.

Expresso - I may let this one slide, as it IS a marketing tool. Tomorrow. Today, it needs fixing.

One does not 'loge' a tax return. You 'lodge' it.  Or find an accountant who knows how to proof-read their business cards/signs.

No-one in their right mind is going to hire a 'secetary'.  They would much rather a 'secretary', of this I am sure.

And if you can get a ship to set 'sale' well, more power to you - me, I thought they set 'sail' and a 'sale was where you saved bucketloads of money on everyday prices.  Although, given the prices here as opposed to there, maybe 'sale' is an appropriate spelling.....

Now, before anyone (is there anyone?) reading this starts in with the vitriol, I am NOT referring to bloggers, FaceBookers, or anyone else out there who is simply typing things for their own pleasure.  All of these errors were spotted on businesses around town.  And. they. piss. me. off.  Because image is everything in attracting new business, this place is going backwards, and these types of glaring errors are part of the reason.

And yes, I do make spelling mistakes/typos.  I admit that. I correct what I catch.  But I am doing this for myself, not to get someone to give me their money.  Although, if someone wanted to give me money for writing my blog, I'd take it ;)

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