Thursday, March 3, 2011

Save water, create jobs; cut down trees.

Don't yell at me! This is a perfectly legitimate idea.  You just have to hear me out.

By trees I mean willow trees - they clog our waterways, and are a pest.  Removal allows for natives to grow, creates habitat for wildlife (willows aren't great for Australian native animals), and frees up massive water resources.

Removal is time consuming and costly.There is a way around this.

We have Work-for-the-Dole (unemployment benefit), and Green Corps (unemployed under-25's), who are routinely sent out to work on 'community projects'.  They get paid extra (not a lot, but extra) to do this - let's get them into willow removal.  We will be giving them skills that will stand in good stead, particularly in Tasmania, as water resources become even more valuable.  And it will be long-term work - willows are NOT easy to get rid of.

2 problems solved, for the price of none.

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