Thursday, March 31, 2011

Someone please explain, because I don't get it at all!

The state I live in is broke.  Actually, in debt to the tune of $AUD1billion.  For a population of less than 500,000 people.  Our hospitals are falling down, physically and in terms of patient care, people are sleeping in parks in ever increasing numbers, crimes go unsolved as police numbers are reduced, and schools are struggling to maintain educational standards.

 So what does our government do, in their infinite wisdom?  They decide that as of next year, they will spend between $400,000 and $600,000 to bring a second Aussie Rules team to play 2 or 3 matches a season here.  We already have Hawthorn, at a cost of $18million over the last 5 years, not including junkets and advertising.  That's $4million into club coffers, for a couple of games a year, in the North East.

North Melbourne, should this deal come off, will play in the South East, in the state capital.  There are no numbers yet about how much they have been offered to come here - the figures released thus far are per-game costs.

Yes, they have a vision, our government.  I'm just not sure what it is.  And some days I wonder if they know themselves.

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