Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Living History

How cool is this picture?  I saw it the other day on my way to an appointment, and had to take a picture of it.  I often walk past the house in question, and have wondered many times what on Earth are they doing?!  Well, now I know.  I can't wait to see the end result.

I love that this was put up to emphasise the history of the house.  Tasmania is full of historical buildings, but those which attract attention are often those which were convict built.  Don't get me wrong, I find those both amazing, and heartbreakingly sad.  But I think that an acknowledgment of an 'ordinary' building is a great step forward in the appreciation of our history.

Another fine example of our history - bricks laid in the footpath at Campbell Town, listing the convicts who resided in the area - the ship they came on, the crime they were transported for, length of sentence and what they did after arrival.

There are so many places here where history is just around the corner, but these are 2 great examples of how it can be made more readily accessible to everyone.  And I think they are fabulous. And fascinating.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Morgan and Eva. Anyone else see it?

Yesterday morning, as I handed my husband his coffee, I glanced at his computer screen, and did a huge double take.  He had the news page up, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing - Morgan from MVD on the Australian news!    My first thought was "Oh wow, Morgan's on the news!" My second was "Oooh, I like her hair that way."

Closer inspection showed that it wasn't Morgan (bugger!) but Eva Longoria.  And then it hit me, how much Eva looks like Morgan, especially when she smiles.

Some of this resemblance is probably down to the fact that both are gorgeous, petite brunettes with kick-arse style, but the main thing is they have the same smile.  Seriously, every time I see a picture of either one smiling, I feel happy, and smile right along with them.  One day, I am going to meet Morgan, for real.  Because, as cool as it would be to meet a a Hollywood star, I think it would be even cooler to meet Morgan, because she is so much a part of my life, even though we have never met in person, and our lives are polar opposites (Eva's life could be no more different to mine than Morgan's is).

So there we have it - the Morgan/Eva connection.  I live in hope that one day, Morgan WILL appear on the news page, but hopefully not on Letterman, with a wardrobe malfunction.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Once Were Warriors...............

............ and now, they are lost.

The movie, Once Were Warriors, was based on Book 1 of a trilogy by Alan Duff; Once Were Warriors, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted, and Jake's Long Shadow.

The books (and the 2 movies that were made), follow the Heke family, their all too rare ups, and frequent, often violent, downs.

The Heke's are a family of proud Maori descent, living in cheap Government housing, in a rough part of town. The man of the house, Jake, aka Jake the Muss, struggles to find work, and spends considerable time and money, drinking.  His wife is the usual target of his violent rages, which see her unable to leave the house, their kids cowering in corners, and friends turning a blind eye.

There are some pretty horrific scenes in this movie, it's not something I would recommend for sensitive souls.  I read the book before I saw the movie, knew what to expect, and I was still utterly devastated.

I think part of that goes back to when I was growing up.  The drinking, poverty and violence the Heke family lived with were all too familiar.  The town I grew up in was small and poor, drinking was a fact of life, and the violence that often ensued as a result, accepted as the way things went.

To be fair, violence was not something that happened or was accepted in my parent's home.  Drinking was.  Poverty was our bedfellow.  We had close family who endured beatings and worse at the hands of loved ones.  And no-one did anything.  Because that was the way things were, how they had been for years, and how they would (and do) remain.

Much of this occurred on Dad's side; he had many brothers, and only 3 sisters.  He was the youngest, and the older boys were not above reminding him of that, should he 'step out of line' as it were.  Mum had only 2 brothers.  One of those had an - interesting - marriage, it wasn't uncommon for their children to turn up on our doorstep, or Nan's in the middle of the night.

What does this have to do with the Heke's? Not a lot.  I will say though, I saw many, many Jakes as I was growing up.  Men who had lost their sense of selfworth, and their identity, and took solace in a bottle, only to have their frustrations resurface, to be directed at their wife and kids in the form of violence.

That is what Jake the Muss taught me - that understanding someone's pain, and their sense of loss, does not preclude you from despising their actions.  You can do both.  And wonder at yourself for doing so.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saddest toy ever

Andrea over at A Cat of Impossible Colour posted the above picture the other day, and it made me want to cry.  Still does.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Style icons

We all have them, even the woefully unstylish amongst us (that would be me).  Audrey Hepburn is one of the most iconic, and universally adored. Jacki Kennedy Onassis is another.

While these women were very stylish, and extremely classy, they were/are a bit - bland - for my more exuberant tastes. I think Carla whats-it (French PM's wife and former model), who is often compared to Jackie O, and Princess Mary of Denmark are very well-dressed, and classy.  But they are also playing within the lines of what is expected.  I like unexpected.

Which is why I adore Kirsten Vangsness' sense of style, both on and off-screen.  She rocks everything she wears, breaks rules, makes new ones, and doesn't seem to care what others think - she clearly has fun with her style, and dresses for herself.

I also adore Dita von Teese' style - vintage femme. Like Ms Vangsness, she has found a look that works for her, and who she is, and goes with it, always.

Not everyone can pull off the looks that these women do - I couldn't do either.  Both take a lot of confidence, and a damn sight more 'I don't care' than I have.  And I think they are fabulous.