Monday, May 23, 2011

The land of dreams

Have you ever had a dream where the objects and people are so real you can not only see and hear them, but taste, feel and smell them?  Changes in ambient temperature in the environment you inhabit in your dream world are so real, you feel them, be it blistering cold, or blasting heat.  The colours are crisp and real, and you are there, in that world, even though you know, on some level, that you aren't?

These are no ordinary dreams, they are real, so real that even though you are jumping between being IN the dream, and then watching the action, you know that the things happening are actually occurring, somewhere.  Good, bad or indifferent, they are happening, on some plane, and you are there.

Often, these dreams don't stay with you after you wake - the feelings they invoked may, and a general sense of unease, or happiness, but the bulk of the dream will fade.  In my experience of late, this is probably a good thing.

I have never had one of these dreams interpreted.  I know what the ones I am having of late mean, and where they come from.  Are they happening, in some other realm? Maybe.  Most probably they are my brain's way of dealing with the things that aren't a dream, that I wish were, in a non-confronting way.  A blow-off valve, built into my subconscious, to allow me to continue to function.

I much prefer the dreams that involve warm temperatures, and happy feelings.  Hopefully they will return soon.

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