Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My degree........... BRRM

Bachelor of Regional Resource Management. Majors in Regional Science (compulsory) and Natural Resource Management (my choice of the 4 offered). Minor: Understanding Communities (compulsory).

Why? Because it didn't sound dry, and like it was all black and white.  I have a thing for wanting to know what's over there, and in this degree, going to have a look is encouraged.

So far, I have maintained a Distinction (80/100) through the 9 units I have done (degree is 24).  I am studying part-time because I don't drive, and a large percentage of the units I need to do are restricted in when/how they are offered.

My electives (I get 4), have all been Antarctic related - Antarctic Studies A & B, Antarctic Tourism, and Antarctic and Oceans Policy.  I have had a blast doing these.

Where do I hope to end up? I have no idea, or plans.  My plan was to kill time, and to prove to myself that I am indeed capable of gaining a degree.  Beyond that, no plans, except to have fun getting to graduation.

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