Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The night the lights went out

'twas a dark night, on a deserted road - we were heading to a free camping spot.  It was almost midnight.  We were feeling pretty good, we'd had dinner with the kids, and seen a band, and were generally feeling pretty relaxed.

Until the lights went out.  One minute we're driving down a gravel road, watching for wildlife in the hi-beams, the next, it's pitch dark, and we can smell burning electrics.  Cue the end of good cheer.

We sat on the side of the road for 10 minutes, cursing, swearing and trying to work out what exactly had fried, before we got lights back, sort of.  Very weak, and stinky, but there.  They got us to a gravel carpark, at a council works depot, where we crawled in the back and tried to sleep.

5.30 a.m., and the sound of car doors rouses us from our snooze - the workers are arriving.  Crawl out of the car, look around.  The workers didn't give us a second look, until one chap wandered over as we performed a daylight inspection of under-bonnet wiring.  He recommended us a mechanic, and off we went.

Long story short -  $160, countless coffees and 4 hours later, we had the problem fixed.  We were lucky that was all we copped, someone (previous owner?) put 100w globes in a fitting rated for 55w, and it fried some of the wiring, when it overheated through extended use (we used the hi-beams for 30 minutes, their longest run since we got the car).

While it wasn't something we viewed happily at the time, I think in the end it proved that we WILL be alright when we get out there, for real.  We had a disaster, and we coped, without killing each other. Go us!

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