Tuesday, July 19, 2011

$500 a week, a roof, food AND a great learning experience........

....... and still it's not enough!

A recently evicted Master Chef Australia contender complained in the media that the contestants were paid only $500 a week.  They were accommodated, fed, and were offered a great opportunity to learn.  And paid for it, although not enough, apparently.

While the evictee said "I was ok, but imagine someone else doing that......' it does not excuse the whiny attitude.  There are people out there, in the Great Southern Land, who make do on way less than the average weekly wage ($589 in case you wanted to know).  I am one of them.  I get $300 per week, and out of that, I pay rent, power, gas, phone, food, medication, transport, Uni supplies, internet, clothing - and feed the dog.  And I survive.

Yes, many of the contestants come from mainland areas, where mortgage/rent rates are higher, but if you can't survive on $500 per week, while you aren't paying bills, or feeding yourself, then you are really in need of a wake-up call.  Because, if you don't have a job to go back to, when you leave the show, you are coming into a world where you get far less than what you are now, and have a lot higher overheads to deal with.

Take a leaf out of Polly & Waz' (another reality TV couple) book, and enjoy the experience - learn what you can, and take it out into the world with you, as you head out on the next stage of your journey.  But you will have to grow up quick, because it's tough out here.


  1. i recently bought a home (a modest two bedroom unit in fact) and my mortgage repayments are over $3300 a month.. therefore I couldn't continue to pay the mortgage with masterchef's $500, even if they were paying my bills.

    Hats off to you, I obviously can't make do.

  2. Hells Bells!! That's a LOT of interest.

    We make do because we have to - we could never have afforded that kind of mortgage - even when we were both working fulltime.

    I wasn't meaning to disparage those who would struggle in the real world - I know people on $2000+ a week who live in Tasmania, who struggle paycheck to paycheck.

    I'm more ticked off that this person chose purely to look at the negative, rather than the positive - what a great experience he gained.