Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stressed! And a clarification.

The stress is nothing new - it's the start of a new Semester, and I always get stressed when things start in earnest.  A few days away with The Mister will hopefully help.  Mind you, I am taking my study gear with me.

Clarification:  I wanted to clear up what I was talking about in my last post.  I know that there are people out there who, due to the incredibly high housing costs (and power costs), would struggle to pay their mortgages on the Masterchef  'wage'.

I in no way meant to promote myself as a paragon of thrift - the only kind of thrift I am is a spendthrift - if I have it, I spend it. Nor did I mean to put down those who would struggle, due to the aforementioned costs.

My argument was with the guy who complained - he got a great experience and he, and anyone else on the show HAD to know going in how much they were going to get - unless they didn't read the contract they signed.  If it was going to be too tight to maintain Real Life necessities, why would you do it?

So please, know that I meant nothing nasty by what I said - at least, not to anyone except the MC evictee.  For him, I stand by my original thought - stop whining, you went in with your eyes open, you got a great experience,  now get on with life.

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