Thursday, November 5, 2015

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

Sitting here, in a tin can on wheels, it's 34 outside and 32 inside.  And it's not even summer yet!!  Fortunately, we live near a very nice creek, so can go cool off whenever we want. And we have homemade icecream, like this (liquorice & chocolate = chocolate bullet flavour):

In a couple of weeks, I will likely be begging to return to this sweltering climate, we are going home to see our families.  Tasmanian weather is notoriously - interesting.  Snow on Christmas Day is not unusual.........

Other than that I am melting into a puddle, there's not a whole lot happening - we have moved to a more isolated area to save some $$$, planned 3 holidays in the next 6 months (Tassie, Gold Coast - look out Stephy!!, and Melbourne - ditto Boris.)

We will be in Melbourne for the Moomba festival, which will be interesting.  The pictures and reports I have seen of past festivals make it look amazing, but with my tendency to freak in crowds, I am not sure how I will go - my main focus is seeing the parade.  And shopping - I am way overdue.

Oh, hang on.  Our boy bird turned out to be a girl - damn thing laid an egg, and cried over it for a week before we - helped.  I swear, I was losing my mind - a crying lorikeet 24/7.  The egg was unviable, as she has no close contact with other birds, even though she had suitors - they can't mate through the cage.  Here she is 'mothering' her egg.

And now I must away, time for a swim with these two. They love the new location, as they can swim every day; no tides/mucky sand to work around.

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