Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Bit if a Thing for Thongs (Flip Flops)

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would ever wear, let alone want, many pairs of rubber shoes.  Until recently, the last time I wore these kinds of shoe was when I was pregnant with Dr. Boris - 26 years ago.  They were the only things I could get that would fit my horribly swollen feet in 1980's Tasmania.  And then, when he was born, a funny thing happened - I couldn't wear them any more - my legs would a ache and cramp after 5 minutes.  This is one of the many changes he caused: I still cannot look at lamb chops or 2 minute noodles without feeling ill.........

Cue years of melting feet and envious stares at the tootsies of those who could wear these icons of Aussie summers.  I cursed, swore and on occasion, broke down and spent the money, only to end up in agony for days after a few minutes wear.

Then we moved to Queensland, and pain or no, I had to have some - the summer heat was too much for my poor feet to deal with in 'proper' shoes.  So I bit the bullet, and bought some massagey ones.  Purple with fabric straps.  And, for a while, they were ok.  I couldn't walk miles, but I could run errands.  Score!

Then, about 3 months  in, the problems started; 5 minutes in them, days of agony.  In the middle of summer.  Not content to go back to squishing my feet into full-on footwear, I bought a pair of all-rubber ones - what did I have to lose?  Against what potential gains?

Answer: a few $ opposed to months of aching feet.  Oh, and skin.  The all-rubber, flat ones worked a treat for aching feet and screaming legs, but the 'arms' on some can rub the skin.  Easy fixed with a bandaid; not a fabulous look, but I was beyond caring, comfort over looks was the focus.  Problems solved all around, I was a happy camper.  Then my first pair broke, and I had to go get another.

That was it, I walked out with 3 pairs (different colours/patterns) and a hankering for at least 1 of every colour/pattern in the place; the picture above is just a taste of what I could choose from.  The idea of a mountain of thongs filled me with joy.  So I went back the next week, and got another 2 pairs.  I have since avoided further sprees, although I have killed 2 of the 5 pairs I acquired. Restraint, I has it.

I am dreading the winter months.  I can't really wear thongs in winter.  I know people do, but I can't.  My poor feet won't allow it.  On the upside, this means that I can buy lots of pretty flats (I am banned from heels forever), and maybe pick up a few more pairs of thongs on the cheap, ready for next year.  Or a lot of pairs, for all the future summers I plan to wear them........