Friday, March 24, 2017

Long time no post...........

I have no real excuse.  Life has been busy the past 11 months, but still, how long does it take to write a blog post?

In the past 11 months, we have moved 3 times; all within Queensland.  Not a lot for us.  However, two of those moves saw our free time vanish; one was a volunteer position which just kept demanding more and more (we lasted a month), the other we are still at, a paid job.  This one we thought we'd have more time at, but due to circumstances beyond the control of ourselves and our employer, that was not to be.  And that's fine, we don't hate the work, and we like our boss.  He can be a bit painful sometimes, but he is a good bloke, and for us, that is what counts.

However, we have met some great people, seen some pretty amazing things, and all in all, we are moving forward.

We also bought a new car (single cab ute) about which I am super-excited.  I love it.  While I am still not a huge fan of driving, I don't shake every time I go to get in the car to drive; only every other time.

The battle with the darkness continues, although the other day I did make what I am going to term a breakthrough - I finally admitted out loud what I am scared of.  Now it is out there, I can hopefully get past it.

And I am an aunty: my baby brother and his lady have blessed me with a nephew!

Soon it will be time to move on again, work is ending.  Who knows where we will end up?

I've also jumped on Katy-Rose's 'Word for the Year' bandwagon.  My word is 'patience'.  Patience with myself, and with others.  It's tough, but I am working on it.  My Not-New-Year's-Resolution is to stop crossing my legs - that is really tough, but I am doing OK.  I have been good up til now, I find that since uni started back up, I catch myself more often.